Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Visiting Abbey Road: I did it!

Mates! I did it!

While Mom and Diane were here, we visited the spot where one of my favorite bands have traveled... across Abbey Road. The street is quite busy with tourists with the same idea we had, and cars trying to get to work. Despite the fact that it is a zebra crossing where cars have to stop, they were quite impatient and almost ran Mom over! Here are a few pictures we snapped!

We made it!

Mrs. Reed and I

The three of us! (Many people had the same idea!)

They even had a coffee shop at the tube station with souvenirs!

I'm so glad I got the change walk across there! Will have one more blog post up for you guys before I head out! 

Until next time, 
Kelsey Elizabeth

PS. I want to give a shout out to friends at TPS who found my blog! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


This weekend I visited my Aunt and family in Glasgow, Scotland. I have visited them once before, but was lucky enough this trip to spend some time out in the countryside. It is very beautiful, and I would ideally like to spend a summer there in a cottage, hiking, camping and the like. I was fortunate enough to have beautiful weather while I was in Scotland, so we visited many gardens as well! Enjoy!

This is the Pollock House.
The grounds are vast and include these little guys... highland cattle! 
The river and bridge in front of the house. 
We also got the chance to stop by these falls. They were extensive, and beautiful! 
I still need to put up the pictures from my run a few weeks ago. I also have a very special post coming up before I leave. Leave where? you ask. I will be traveling on the continent for the next two weeks starting Friday for our spring holiday, but unfortunately won't be able to post. Don't worry, when I get back I will tell you all about it!

Until next time,
Kelsey Elizabeth 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Touring London

Hello Friends! 

Over this past week, I am so happy to say that I have toured London with two very special people, my mom and my "aunt" Diane. They had quite a long bucket list, and we have been going nonstop for the entire week! We're all exhausted, but a good exhausted. I have learned so much about British history and have had a marvelous time. I have also found some sites that are definitely worth seeing in London that I might have not seen otherwise. Here are some of my favorite places and pictures below!

This picture is from the inner courtyard in the Tower of London looking at the Tower Bridge. The architecture woven between the free grass is breathtaking.

This is just a simple picture of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, which also shows one of the many beautiful days we were blessed with other this past week! Most people visit the National Gallery, but the Portrait Museum (right around the back) should not be missed. There are many exquisite portraits of famous British people.

There is not a picture of Windsor Castle that could do it justice, but this is quite a pretty shot. I don't think I would have gone here if it hadn't been on Aunt Diane's list, but I must say that it was a wonderful trip. The state rooms are the most beautiful I have seen, and the architecture and grounds are extensive and beautiful. If you are spending a bit of time in London, take the train out to see it. It's worth the day trip.  

This is a shot of part of Bath Abbey in Bath, England. Bath has become one of my favorite cities. We got the opportunity to stay at the Thermae Bath Spa for a bit, and the view from the rooftop pool over London was amazing. I felt quite lucky to experience it. This shot, however, contains a picture of Henry VII and shows the great detail on the outside of the Abbey. 
I am quite exhausted from all of the traveling. There will be more pictures coming from the remainder of their trip. But...
Until next time, 
Kelsey Elizabeth

Fringe, noun, Bangs.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dover Castle and White Cliffs

Hello Mates!

I hope you are all doing well today! I got the opportunity to take a day trip with my fellow classmates to Dover Castle and White Cliffs today. It was extra special because we saw the sun for a bit, and it was quite toasty! I am loving this more temperate weather. Below are a few pictures I took today. Quite a pretty place!

This was the Castle exterior. It was a Medieval Castle, so it lacks the ornate details other castles have. It reminded me of the Bastille in France. 
The King and Queen's Bedroom. The colors are warm and cheerful. The bed is quite tiny though! I wonder how much smaller they were back then.

Looking out of a Castle Window. The countryside is beautiful. In person, it looked like a postcard picture. I wish I could have done it better justice here!
The staircase wove all around, and turned into other staircases. It was quite interesting and pretty.

The White Cliffs were beautiful. The white line, we believe is France...
...Our phones certainly thought we were! 
Alright loves, I hope you enjoyed the photos. I have more, so if you would like a Dover Castle and White Cliffs Part Two please let me know! This week I will also upload the pictures I took in Regent's Park while I was on a run. The gardens are beautiful and the sun was out that day as well!

Until next time,
Kelsey Elizabeth

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break

Hello Mates! 

How are you doing today? I'm doing quite well! I had a Management midterm this afternoon, so I'm glad to have that over with. On Wednesday, I have an essay due for Abnormal Psychology, and a midterm for Management. I'm quite excited because after that it's just fun until Spring Break! What a month, what a month! Obviously, this week I have requirements, but the following month my mother and her friend will be in town, the weekend after that I go and visit my Aunt Vru in Scotland, and the next week Spring Break starts! I'm quite a lucky girl! 

NYU gives us two weeks for Spring Break, which is wonderful! The first week of my break overlaps with Kevin's second week, so we will be venturing through France and Spain together. We will be meeting in Paris, and spending time there with a fellow NYU student until Wednesday. Then we are going to fly together to Barcelona, and spend the rest of the week on the beach (hopefully we will be able to utilize Kevin's Spanish skills). In Barcelona, we will stay in a hostel. 

There are a few different sites that we have used, and fellow students have used to book hostels. a these days are a bit different than the way most people picture them. Since students in Europe use them to travel so much, the standards are a bit higher than we expected. They are small, but clean, safe and cost effective. I wouldn't say they are dirt cheap, which is good (as my Dad pointed out) that you do pay a good portion of money to get a nice, safe room. The two hostel sites we use are and 

After this week, I will return with Kevin to Madrid for a few days, and then head over to Florence to stay with another friend until Friday. I feel like quite the traveler! I haven't seen any of continental europe, so I am excited to see all of these new cities! I'm excited to see Paris especially, as I have wanted to visit there since I was little. 

When the time comes I will post pictures of my adventures! 

Until next time, 
Kelsey Elizabeth