Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese New Year! (and other adventures)

Hello, hello!

In one of our orientation sessions, we were blessed to have Andy Steves (son of Rick Steves) come and speak to us about taking full advantage of our study abroad experience. To make the best of it, he suggested that we build relationships with the local people, visit off the beaten track attractions, and see where it takes us. I wanted to take his advice, but I never thought I would so early in my journey.

Out of all specials nights I thought I would have in London, I wouldn't have expected Chinese New Year in Chinatown to be among them, but, boy, was it fun! Kylie, my suite mate and an avid explorer, suggested we venture to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. I have never done this in New York, but thought it would be a great time to get out and about, eat some Chinese food, and celebrate with friends! 

Alex, Kylie, Eliana, Kyung (Kyle).
We loved all of the lanterns, decorations and masks. There were many mock fights that broke out between people with the inflatable batons they gave us!

We decided on one of the Chinese restaurants that looked good and wasn't too busy. We were seated at a table meant for 10 people, and had a very neat rotating circular table that made it easy to share dishes and taste test.
Kylie, Eliana.
Walking home, I snapped some pictures of the local restaurants. 

We had such a great time walking around, and looking at all the shops! Recently, I've been looking up more places to visit that are not normal tourist attractions. So far, I've been lucky enough to be around Kylie when she has been looking for someone to accompany her on another adventure. We went to the Maison Bertuax the other night, and a nearby farmers market today! 

At Maison Bertaux, the oldest patisserie in London, we both got a bit of cake and tea. I had the cheesecake and red berry tea, and it was all splendid. Kylie got a piece of chocolate cake, and mint tea. The venue was so quaint and cute. We plan on going back for Sunday brunch for some quiche and pastries. 

Today, after a run down to the Thames, Kylie and I ventured over a few streets to a local farmers market she found. I picked up a baguette, pain au chocolate, and quite a big bag of brussels sprouts. I baked the brussels sprouts with some salt, pepper, garlic, oil, and they were wonderful!

I am loving these mini adventures. They remind me of things I would do in the city, and as wonderful as London is, I am enjoy doing familiar things. There are some hurtles I am overcoming, being in a new city, but I will save that for a post in a few days! I finally received my package in the mail (what a fiasco that was!), and will be putting up a recommend packing guide this weekend as well.

I hope you all are enjoying coming along for the ride with me. If you have any recommendations in regards to how to make my blog better, please feel free to contact me! I love talking to you all! 

Kelsey Elizabeth
Peaky, adjective, slightly ill, often looking pale. (We have a sign on our refrigerator that says "are you feeling peaky?" and I had to ask my british suite mate what it meant.)

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  1. this all sounds so fun. Hope classes are going well