Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chuffed to Bits

My name is Kelsey, and I am a second year student in the Stern School of Business at New York University. Currently, I am majoring in management and finance (who isn't? haha Stern jokes), but I think I will actually graduate with a degree in marketing and economics. Regardless, I will have a minor in social entrepreneurship. (Side note: if you are an NYU student with extra credit, take a class with Ellen McGrath. She teaches SE classes and is life changing).

But enough background! Less than I week away, and I will be in a cab heading to my new home in London for the next four months! I could not be more excited.

Hopefully, this blog will serve multiple purposes:
  1. Be informative! I am hoping to channel the "older you" that gives first hand information and tips you wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Although, the NYUL staff has done such a great job preparing students (including me), so I will have to be creative.
  2. Be entertaining! I do enjoy corny jokes.
  3. Be a snapshot! (Well, there goes my parallel structure!) I want to create a vivid picture my day to day life, so you can experience it with me if you're thinking about studying abroad in London or just want to come along for the ride!
Right now I'm in the process of getting everything in order, which includes getting documents sorted out, packing, and reading. Specifically, I'm reading the new book my mum (too corny?) picked up for me, titled, British English A to Zed, by Norman W. Schur. I figured it would be smart to start on it. This morning I called Just Aiports to reserve a cab from the airport, and I had trouble understanding the British accent. I thought I had the British culture under my belt, but it looks like I will have to step back and learn! In fact, I'm hoping to return home with a British accent. We'll see.

Besides A to Zed, I am also reading London Free and Dirt Cheap, and London 2012 from Frommer's. Flipping through the pages, they seem to be excellent recourses. I shall let you know in one of my later blogs how they worked out!

In upcoming blogs, be on the lookout for stories, new British vocabulary, pictures and videos. For my next blog I'm going to take you through what I packed vs. what I saved to buy in London, and how that worked out for me.

Until next time,
Kelsey Elizabeth

Chuffed to bits, slang, to be thrilled, or pleased with something.

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