Friday, February 17, 2012

A British Sweet Tooth

Good evening, friends!

How are you all this evening? Very early on in the semester I started taste testing British candy to see how it compared to American candy. I must report that it is just as good, if not better! We have similar types of candies (chocolates, gummies, etc) and even brands, but they do taste a bit different here than they do in the US. Below are a collection of my favorite candies mixed in with a few new ones!

Yorkie's are my absolute favorite. Hands down. I have bought many Yorkies to capture a picture of for this blog post, but they have mysteriously disappeared before I got a chance to take a picture of it.  It's a solid chocolate bar. It has a different flavor than Hershey's does, but it's just as good ( I, obviously, love Hershey's).
 I just tried the Cadbury Buttons today, which are quite good as well. They are just thin little chocolate circles, perfect for any sweet tooth craving.
Kit Kat Chunky. I think we may have this one in the US, however, I believe it is  more popular here. It is basically a multi-layered Kit Kat bar. Scrumptious.

Cadburry Clusters seem to be quite popular here as well. They are chocolate and raisin clusters. Not my favorite simply because they contain raisins, but I could see how someone could easily fall in love!

I would place Haribo Gummies on the same level of Yorkies. A few of these bags also magically disappeared before I got a chance to take a picture of them. My favorite are the Haribo Starmix selection with gummies, and marshmallow gummies. Imagine Haribo gummies, but ten times better. They include what I like to call the "marshmallow gummy" that is a gummy combined with a marshmallow type piece. My favorite are the ones that look like fried eggs. The picture above is of the Haribo Fruity Frutti selection. In this bag they consist only of marshmallow gummies, and they are also filled with jelly. For any gummy bear lover, this is a "must try".

Last, but certainly not least, are the Aero Bubbles, which I can tell will quickly become one of my favorites as well. They are chocolate mousse spheres covered in chocolate- need I say more? They are quite light, and would be a perfect movie candy. 
I do wish I could transfer the delicious tastes and smells through the computer to you! British candy is quite delicious, and I have had quite the time trying all of the different flavors out! If you have a chance to get ahold of any British candy in the store or whilst traveling abroad, you should definitely pick some up!

Looking forward to talking with you soon. Until next time, 
Kelsey Elizabeth

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