Saturday, February 11, 2012

Londontown Adventures: Kevin's Here! Preview

This weekend, my best friend is visiting from Madrid! Upon his arrival, he mentioned a few places that were on his "must see" list, so, yesterday, we braved the cold, and went to see them! I vlogged during our trip, and am in the process of making a video for you! However, in the meantime, here is a sneak peak into what we did and saw!

This is in the center of Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery is located only a few steps away. 

The Sherlock Holmes Restaurant! Here, we had traditional fish n'chips, cider and a sticky toffee pudding. It's only a bit away from the Thames River, and Big Ben!

This is my favorite picture. It was sunny (obviously), which is quite rare here. On the left you can see the London Eye, and on the right you can just make out Big Ben. 

After walking for a bit, we made it to Big Ben. He's quite majestic, don't you think?

This is just a quick snapshot of St. James Park. The parks around Buckingham Place are extensive. It was quite cold the day we went, but I would imagine that during the spring and summer it would be quite nice to come out here and play around with a football, read, or lay out in the grass. 

Here is Kevin peaking into the Palace. I am quite amazed by the gates that surround the palace.

I should have the video up in a day or two! Cheers! 

The pictures were taken by Kevin Baker. 


  1. How was the sticky toffee pudding?? I have a recipe & want to make some!

  2. It was so good! I've had it only once before. I say go for it!