Monday, May 14, 2012

Kew Palace and Gardens

Hello Friends! I accomplished Part 2 of Part 3, and made it to Kew Palace and Gardens! This was the second place my aunt wanted me to visit, and so this Saturday (Friday? finals are destroying my brain...) I went! It was extremely beautiful. I wish I had discovered it earlier so I could have made more trips. Regardless, here is the video I made you!

Kew Palace was home to George the 3rd (who lost the colonies) and his wife, Charlotte. It seems sort of silly that Britain lost what I would consider seemingly "weak" colonies, but as I gained a deeper understanding into George's life, I started to understand why. He and Charlotte had 15 children together and were quite happy when he was not troubled by his psychiatric illness. They spent a lot of time at Kew Palace living a "simple" life and walking around the gardens. Supposedly, they would see local folk on their walks and treated them as neighbors. They were very family oriented, and wanted to live a simple life. I see how George could have shut himself away from what was happening for the countryside. After seeing the gardens and the surrounding land, I couldn't really blame him.

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Kelsey Elizabeth

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