Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break

Hello Mates! 

How are you doing today? I'm doing quite well! I had a Management midterm this afternoon, so I'm glad to have that over with. On Wednesday, I have an essay due for Abnormal Psychology, and a midterm for Management. I'm quite excited because after that it's just fun until Spring Break! What a month, what a month! Obviously, this week I have requirements, but the following month my mother and her friend will be in town, the weekend after that I go and visit my Aunt Vru in Scotland, and the next week Spring Break starts! I'm quite a lucky girl! 

NYU gives us two weeks for Spring Break, which is wonderful! The first week of my break overlaps with Kevin's second week, so we will be venturing through France and Spain together. We will be meeting in Paris, and spending time there with a fellow NYU student until Wednesday. Then we are going to fly together to Barcelona, and spend the rest of the week on the beach (hopefully we will be able to utilize Kevin's Spanish skills). In Barcelona, we will stay in a hostel. 

There are a few different sites that we have used, and fellow students have used to book hostels. a these days are a bit different than the way most people picture them. Since students in Europe use them to travel so much, the standards are a bit higher than we expected. They are small, but clean, safe and cost effective. I wouldn't say they are dirt cheap, which is good (as my Dad pointed out) that you do pay a good portion of money to get a nice, safe room. The two hostel sites we use are and 

After this week, I will return with Kevin to Madrid for a few days, and then head over to Florence to stay with another friend until Friday. I feel like quite the traveler! I haven't seen any of continental europe, so I am excited to see all of these new cities! I'm excited to see Paris especially, as I have wanted to visit there since I was little. 

When the time comes I will post pictures of my adventures! 

Until next time, 
Kelsey Elizabeth 

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