Sunday, March 18, 2012

Touring London

Hello Friends! 

Over this past week, I am so happy to say that I have toured London with two very special people, my mom and my "aunt" Diane. They had quite a long bucket list, and we have been going nonstop for the entire week! We're all exhausted, but a good exhausted. I have learned so much about British history and have had a marvelous time. I have also found some sites that are definitely worth seeing in London that I might have not seen otherwise. Here are some of my favorite places and pictures below!

This picture is from the inner courtyard in the Tower of London looking at the Tower Bridge. The architecture woven between the free grass is breathtaking.

This is just a simple picture of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, which also shows one of the many beautiful days we were blessed with other this past week! Most people visit the National Gallery, but the Portrait Museum (right around the back) should not be missed. There are many exquisite portraits of famous British people.

There is not a picture of Windsor Castle that could do it justice, but this is quite a pretty shot. I don't think I would have gone here if it hadn't been on Aunt Diane's list, but I must say that it was a wonderful trip. The state rooms are the most beautiful I have seen, and the architecture and grounds are extensive and beautiful. If you are spending a bit of time in London, take the train out to see it. It's worth the day trip.  

This is a shot of part of Bath Abbey in Bath, England. Bath has become one of my favorite cities. We got the opportunity to stay at the Thermae Bath Spa for a bit, and the view from the rooftop pool over London was amazing. I felt quite lucky to experience it. This shot, however, contains a picture of Henry VII and shows the great detail on the outside of the Abbey. 
I am quite exhausted from all of the traveling. There will be more pictures coming from the remainder of their trip. But...
Until next time, 
Kelsey Elizabeth

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  1. looks like youre having a great time...miss you!

  2. I am! so good to have my mom and "aunt" here! Miss you too!!